Xfers SDK

Xfers, 2019

With an increasing number of users and transactions, Xfers was ready to move from a responsive mobile browser to develop an SDK that would allow for an easy and seamless transaction flow. With an SDK, Xfers will be able to have full control over the UX and implement updates easily without troubling merchants to make an update on their end. For users, it meant less confusion and less time wasted. ​For merchants – better integrations, live product updates

How might we simplify the verification flow for users without compromising on accuracy?



My role

  • Conducting user interviews

  • Heuristics Research

  • Persona

  • User flows and CJM

  • Wireframing

  • UI design & Prototyping

Discovery and research

  • Xfers relied mostly on its responsive web to cater for its already savvy customers. Before diving into designing a brand new product, we wanted to understand which existing features were most actively used and what are some processes we can help streamline to simplify the user journey. ​

  • How receptive will our users be to a Fintech Marketplace? 

  • (With an SDK, Xfers would be able to take on the role as a middleman to bridge an array of fintech services to consumers.)

User interviews insights​​

  1. Dreadful onboarding – Users found the KYC process inefficient and tedious

  2. Brand was lacking in trust and assurance – Some users weren't sure if the money transferred to Xfers would come through

  3. Users were intrigued by FinTech and the short term gains in the blockchain technology.

App Customer Journey.jpg

Ideation & Wireframing​​

With the integration of MyInfo, we get to shorten the time taken to complete the KYC forms, and the time taken to get verified as well. This also helps to get accurate information while reducing the chance of fraud and identify theft.


For non-Singaporeans or users who choose to fill the forms manually, we introduced image submission of personal documents. This way, users no longer have to ensure long forms to complete their verification process.

App Wireframe.jpg

Prototyping and user testing​​

The goal was to ensure all basic features of the user flow is simple and intuitive with the integration of MyInfo and going through a manual verification process.

Screenshot 2018-12-23 at 4.20.11 PM.png
Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 11.42.34 PM.png

Key observations

  1. Most users weren't aware they were creating an Xfers account. They were under the impression it was part of the merchant's onboarding flow.​

  2. While users had no issues with their tasks, some wasn't sure why they had to go through such strict and thorough verification process. 

  3. They weren't so comfortable making a $10 initial top-up​​

  4. They don't always have all their verification documents with them e.g. bank statement.


Key takeaways

  1. While keeping our steps and flows simple remain important, communicating the "whys" of each steps helps provide clarity and assurance for users. They are savvy and expect to be informed even if the tasks are simple to complete.​

  2. They should not feel forced to make a fixed or large amount of money when transferring funds for the first time. This helps build trust and lower the barrier of entry.